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Call us, we will answer the phone!

Would you answer the phone if your neighbor were calling you?  So would we, we believe that people still do business with people.  You won't have to push buttons to be directed to the appropriate party, we don't play music on hold.  Why? Because its our job to take care of you, not to pacify you while you wait for someone.  Call us, we will answer the phone.

(440) 350-7447

Call us, we don't hide behind our website.

There are no forms to fill out to get our attention.
We are here to help!

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Mackenzie Nichols

Phone: 440-350-7447 ext. 100
Email: Mackenzie@cspkg.com

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Ted Tate

Phone: 440-350-7447 ext. 103
Email: Ted@cspkg.com

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Felicia Somogyi

Phone: 440-350-7447 ext. 102
Email: Felicia@cspkg.com